Magazine Street Foodie Tour

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Get a taste for New Orleans cuisine on Magazine Street - the secret foodie paradise for locals and an iconic New Orleans neighborhood! Four savory stops and one sweet stop create both a filling and fun experience! | 3 Hrs

Go “off the eaten path” and dine like a local!


Person – $75


3 hours


New Orleanians LOVE food, but they rarely go to the French Quarter to eat. Why? Because many of the best restaurants are located right in our neighborhoods!

One such foodie paradise for locals is Magazine Street. Join us a we eat our way through part of the famed Garden District, a vibrant neighborhood in Uptown, where locals of all ages come together to shop, sip, and sup in true New Orleanian fashion.

No gumbo here—let us treat you to New Orleans-style food most visitors don’t think to order on their own. Your meal will include 4 different savory restaurants for a total of 6 menu items, each specifically selected for its historical or cultural significance to New Orleans (as well as its great flavor)! We’ll pair one of those items with a pint of local beer or soda. Our 5th stop will be a dessert stop for a modern take on a New Orleans classic! We’ll even include a delicious cup of coffee to help stave off any post-tour food coma!

Only 8 spots available per tour! Ticket includes a full meal (5 restaurants, 7+ food items — this is not a “tasting” tour!), pint of local beer or soda, coffee, and all associated restaurant costs.

This New Orleans food tour walk covers 1/2 mile and will be held rain or shine. This tour does not accommodate vegan, low or gluten-free, kosher, or reduced sodium dietary restrictions. This tour may not be a good fit for diets which prohibit both seafood and pork, since many dishes contain one or the other. A minimum of 2 people are required for this tour to run (may be booked separately).

Where Do We Meet?

We’ll meet outside of Mahony’s Po-Boy Shop, 3454 Magazine Street (in the Garden District).

  • Chevron down Can vegetarians attend? What about vegan or pescatarian?
  • While most dishes offer substitutions for vegetarians and pescatarians, this tour does not accommodate vegan, gluten-free/low-carb, kosher, or reduced sodium dietary restrictions. This tour may not be a good fit for diets which prohibit both seafood and pork, since many dishes contain one or the other.

  • Chevron down How much walking will there be?
  • On this tour, you will walk approximately half a mile.

  • Chevron down What if someone in my party is allergic to shellfish?
  • No problem! We can accommodate those with shellfish allergies. Please be sure to mention this when booking your tickets.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my baby in a stroller?
  • This tour is not suitable for children under 6 years old.  In addition, there are restaurants which can be quite packed and difficult for a stroller. Depending on the prefered tour date, we may be able to accommodate younger children and strollers on a private tour (please contact us for details).

  • Chevron down Will there just be small samples?
  • Not at all!  This is not a “tasting” tour –– it’s an “eating” tour!  You’ll have an entire meal by the time the tour is done.  The most quoted line at the end is “I need a nap!”

  • Chevron down Are alcoholic drinks included?
  • At one stop, we will pair the food with a particular beer (or soda for those not interested in beer). Alcoholic beverages are not included at the other stops, although we will make recommendations if you’d like to purchase additional drinks on your own! Tap water will be provided at each stop.

  • Chevron down Where does the tour start?
  • The tour will start at Mahony’s Po Boy restaurant located at 3454 Magazine Street. We will call you if we need to start the tour at any other location.

  • Chevron down What if it’s raining?
  • Our tours run rain or shine; please bring an umbrella or poncho in order to stay dry during the tour. If the weather is severe enough that it poses a danger, we will call you to explain our decision and discuss alternatives (this is why it’s very important to list a good cell phone number when booking online!).  If we cancel a tour because of severe weather, all guests will be given a full refund.

  • Chevron down Which restaurants will we be going to, and what will we eat?
  • The typical menu includes beef, pork, seafood/shellfish, and vegetables. Because we love anticipation (and because the tour may change on a given day due to restaurant closures/changes), we do not release where we go or what we eat –– except to say that it’s all wonderful!

  • Chevron down How large are the tour groups?
  • This tour will max out at 8–10 guests.  We pride ourselves on small group sizes so you’ll never be a part of one of those massive tour groups!

  • Chevron down Is there a different price for children?
  • Children 12 and under who share portions with their parents will be $35. If your child is a big eater, you may want to consider buying a full-priced ticket.

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