The Secret Sessions

Starting at $55 | For Ages 21+ | Staff Favorite!, Not for the Faint of Heart!


Our signature paranormal experience: inside a haunted Fr. Quarter location, you'll handle haunted artifacts, learn historic investigation methods, and attempt to make contact during a Victorian-era seance! | 3.5 Hrs

A Unique New Orleans Paranormal Experience…


Person – $55
All guests must be ages 21+.


3 hours 30 min


After years of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting all over the world, resident guide and paranormal expert James Corbyn has finally agreed to share his personal methods and artifacts with the public. This exclusive experience is so much more than a typical tour. It’s a hands-on, interactive event that invites you to enter a genuine haunted location and explore the ghosts and spirits of New Orleans in a never-before-offered way: face-to-face in their own territory.

Please note: Because of venue availability and costs, the Secret Sessions Experience requires a minimum of 4 people to run (may be booked separately) and all guests must be 21 or older.

  • Directions:
  • We’ll meet at the Black Penny Bar (700 North Rampart Street).

Contact Info

430 Bermuda Street

New Orleans, LA 70114

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