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New Orleans Secrets Tour was created to provide interesting and entertaining travel services to those who wish to learn about the incredibly unique city of New Orleans. We offer history, laughs, a bit of New Orleans magic and plenty of “ah ha!” moments for tourist and locals alike to enjoy. Our goal is to ensure every guest has a great time and leaves New Orleans with a new-found love and appreciation of this historically and culturally significant city.

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Mark Aspiazu was born and raised in New Orleans. He graduated from Jesuit High school and then got his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans. It was there that he realized that the for-profit education industry just wasn’t for him. His passion was New Orleans history, food and cocktails. Mark spent his weekends showing people around the city wishing he could do it full time. So he did. In 2014 he got his tour guide license and in December of 2015 he decide to make the leap from Campus President to full-time New Orleans tour guide and he hasn’t looked back since.

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Angela might be from the midwest originally, but she never felt truly at home until moving to New Orleans. Always ready to see performing arts and eat delicious food, this former creative director cared little about history…until New Orleans. Now she has a voracious appetite for anything that relates to the city–historical or otherwise. When not on a tour, you’re likely to find her with her fiancé, Mark, trying out the latest restaurants, discussing New Orleans history and culture over cocktails, singing along at Fritzel’s on Bourbon, watching the Disney Channel, attempting to dance, acting on a TV/movie set, or indulging in her favorite activity: traveling.

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Alexandra is originally from the small plantation town of St. Francisville, Louisiana, just a short drive north of New Orleans. At fifteen years old her first job was giving tours of the haunted Myrtles Plantation, and since then her passion for discovering and sharing Louisiana history and culture has been unquenchable. She moved down the Mississippi to pursue degrees in Theatre Arts and Communication at Loyola University in New Orleans – a city whose eccentricities and debauchery suited her so well she has since proudly called it home. In addition to leading tours, Alexandra enjoys acting for live theatre and film. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys freelance writing, trying new restaurants and bars, making terrible jokes and playing with her dog.

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James grew up in rural Mississippi – the blues, the Mississippi River, and Southern folklore are all in his blood.  At an early age, he set his sights on the big city of New Orleans. Following in the footsteps of an ancestor (a riverboat captain from the 1870s), he headed south and upon arriving in New Orleans knew immediately he had found his lifelong home.  A tour guide for the better part of a decade, James now boasts degrees in literature and French history as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of his adopted city’s history, culture, and legends.  In the last ten years, he’s been initiated into the traditions of New Orleans Voodoo, married a blues-singing Southern gal, and moved into an old family home on the west bank of the Mississippi river.  

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