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Ghosts of the French Quarter Tour

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In New Orleans, it sometimes seems that the dead are as alive as we are…

With over 300 years since its founding, the Crescent City has endured through incredible hardships. From violent beginnings in an underdeveloped wilderness, through the horrors of slavery and colonization, and ultimately its development as a port town, New Orleans has seen it ALL: duels, massive fires, embattled conflicts, rampant disease, and devastating hurricanes. It’s no wonder that the French Quarter is considered one of the most haunted locations in America, if not the most haunted! And also why New Orleans ghost tours are on every visitor’s bucket list!

Based on true events
Steeped in tragedy, the city’s mysterious past has a way of colliding with the present. Travel back in time as we explore the most prominent news stories and facts behind the legends and folktales of the city’s paranormal occurrences, often stemming from the darker side of history.

Sample stories include:

  • Vampires and the facts concerning the Casket Girls at the Old Ursuline Convent
  • The Lalaurie Mansion and actual 1800s newspaper report of the horrendous murders that serial-killer socialite, Delphine Lalaurie, committed in her attic on Royal Street
  • “Spirited” dining table at a beloved, fine-dining restaurant
  • And additional accounts of souls long-departed who continue to encroach upon the living

Discover also the different types of hauntings, such as residual, intelligent, and more during your experience!

Though we cannot guarantee that you will have any spectral visitations on our New Orleans ghost tours, we DO promise that they will give you the chills! This tour is based more on actual events than sensationalization – there are no “jump scares” or costumed theatrics, just great, spine-tingling storytelling in a small group setting.

Space is extremely limited at just 9 guests per tour. There may be a short beverage/bathroom break during the tour at a “haunted” location, however, no food will be available during the tour.

This is a nighttime walking tour that takes place rain or shine. Some sidewalks are uneven and dimly lit, so please wear comfortable walking shoes and prepare for the weather. At least two people are needed to run this tour (may be booked separately). 

Rated among the top haunted tours in New Orleans!

Where Do We Meet?

We’ll meet at: CC’s Coffee House at 941 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116.