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Tarot Readings

Unlock the Most Important Secrets in New Orleans...Yours.

Tarot is a form of cartomancy, the practice of using cards to divine the future. Though it’s possible to use just about any deck of cards for this purpose, the tarot has a rich symbolism and mystique all its own. Dating back to the Middle Ages (and by some accounts even further back, to Ancient Egypt), tarot is an excellent tool for illuminating your path and providing guidance, insight, and spiritual counsel.

Meet Our Reader

Celeste headshot

Celeste Mott

Born and raised in England and Australia, Celeste has called New Orleans her home since 2012. She discovered her intuitive gifts at a young age, and spent many years in dark corners of the library (and, later, the internet) reading about spirituality, the occult, and magic. She began her spiritual practice as a teenager, and went on to study Philosophy and Religion at university, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in 2008. Tarot has been a core part of her practice since her adolescence, and she’s been giving intuitive readings for over 15 years, adding palm and tea leaf readings to her tool box along the way. She’s also a published writer and poet under the name Kia Alice Groom. Find out more about Celeste’s work as a witch, healer, and reader at and @tarotbyceleste on Instagram.

Celeste offers tarot readings & palm readings to her clients.

Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for psychiatric help.